“It all started more than five years ago on some Nissan internet form. I was interested in lifting my truck (2001 Nissan Frontier) and started asking some questions. Jared of Bonney Motorsports had tons of helpful info. Fast forward to May of 2013. I drove from Tahoe up to Oregon and spent two and a half days helping Jared perform a Solid Axle Swap (he did all the hard work). Since then I have wheeled and daily drove my truck all over Northern California and Nevada (aprox. 20,000 miles). The parts Jared designed and built as well as the high pinion Dana 44 Jared set up for me are all top notch in form and function. I have really put this build to the test. Just last fall on The Rubicon Trail I went every where and did all the obstacles that $50,000 jeeps were doing. Plus I can steer with one finger while doing 65mph on the highway. This truck is solid and built right. Jared’s knowledge of Nissans and 4 Wheel’n is vast and the customer service at Bonney Motorsports is excellent. If words dont do it for you, check out the video of my truck wheel’n the El Dorado Canyon trail. The link is on this page. If you want to make your rig a head turning, trail crushing, badass, then talk to BONNEY MOTORSPORTS!!!” – David